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Wild Card 20in20

Icontest Community

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All Members , Moderated
A 20in20 icon challenge community with random round themes!
Welcome to Wild Card 20in20!

Most of you are probably already familiar with 20in20 icontest communities. You will have 20 days to complete 20 icons based off your claim.

Those 20 icons will contain 10 themes, 5 in a category set, and 5 artist's choice icons. Every round will have different themes given by me.

Every round at Wild Card will be different/random when sign ups are offered. Some rounds you may choose your theme based on the subject for that round or I may choose for you!

At the close of every round there will voting for each theme, category, and AC sets.


~ Make sure you carefully read the round information before choosing a claim as it will change every round.

~ Only one entry per person, per round.

~ The icons must be NEW and not made before the current round.

~ You can post directly to the community or link to your journal as long as your journal is public so that everyone can see your entry.

~ Icons need to be posted before voting is put up.

~ Please, when voting, do not be bias. Vote for the quality of the icon(s), not just because you know or are friends with that particular artist. Also, please do not ask others to vote for you.

~ Only still icons will be accepted, not animated icons.

~ This is a PG-13 community, so NO nudity in the icons, please. Thanks. If you have any questions on if something can be accepted please feel free to ask.


~ Please do not promote or pimp other communities. If you would like something posted to promote a community please ask me in a PM and I will be happy to post it for you!